BUCSS is evolving and expanding into new territory.

We have decided that merging with the BU Computing Society will offer the best opportunities for students, Bournemouth University, but most importantly for BUCSS to continue to grow.

By merging with computing, we are able to offer a wider curriculum of activities, events and socials, as well as an increased pool of talent we can work with and learn from.

With this new merger, a new organisational hierachy has been developed. Existing Roles are changing and new roles are being created.

Reporting to the president are 5 executive officers designed to support each other in working towards the societies goals and objectives. Below is a quick overview of each role as well as links to apply for these positions in the 2019/20 committee.

We welcome anyone and everyone to apply for any roles that they are interested in.

If you have any questions or ideas please feel free to contact us here: http://bucss.net/#contact-us


Supporting the society are patrons Phil and Gernot. They have provided invaluable support and guidance and we are honoured to have them continue to work with us to make the society great again.

Phil Wilkinson

Gernot Liebchen

Roles – Application deadline 26th April

Please note, you can apply for as many roles as you want.


Apply here

Executive Officer – Alumni, Gender & Equality

Apply here

Executive Officer – Communication, Outreach & Events

Apply here

Executive Officer – Operations

Apply here

Executive Officer – Cyber Security

Apply here

Executive Officer – Computing

Apply here

Cyber Security Architect

Apply here

Computing Engineer

Apply here

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