Cyber Security Awareness ’18

The Cyber security society partnered with Gordon Fong and hosted an event for European Cyber Security Month. Around 100 attendees gathered in Fusion’s Inspire lecture theatre, bringing together BU lecturers, students, and representatives from technology-centric business around Bournemouth including Kimcell, C3IA, etc to talk about their experiences in cyber security and how people can protect themselves.

The event involved business representatives giving talks on their experiences and solutions to cyber related crime and threat and the cyber security society providing a live demonstration elucidating how anyone could become victims of cybercrime and the solutions people can take to protect themselves from these cybercriminals. Though this may have scared a few people this event really helped open people’s eyes to what happens both in the shadows of the internet but also what’s happening in today’s world; allowing attendees of the event to walk away with valuable knowledge.

The outcome of the event was a huge success! Overall the event brought a diverse number of individuals, coming in from various job sectors such as: Teaching/Education, Media, Students, Public, Finance, Agriculture, Engineering and many more.